Stylus Pick

I got some Stylus Picks a few weeks ago and I love them! They really do dramatically increase picking speed.

Thanks for providing a great product.

- Joe Zacker

The Stylus Pick definately benefits any player, no matter what style.

- Rich Acocella, BA, Berklee College of Music

One Minute I couldn't, the next minute I could. This is magic!

- Alphonse Faggiolo, Producer/Musician

It's amazing how well the stylus works. I'm pretty fast to begin with but I was even faster with the Stylus Pick.

- Jack Grassel, Author, MONSTER CHOPS

The Stylus Pick proves to be a valuable tool. My only regret is that it wasn't around when I was learning how to play because it probably could have saved me a lot of time. If you feel that your picking could use some improvement (and whose can't?), try the Stylus Pick, it works!

- George Bien, Ph.D, CUNY

I have observed a marked increase in the speed and accuracy of my students who use the Stylus Pick. No matter what level a student is on, the Stylus Pick has increased their ability to execute shorter picking strokes with more control and less wasted motion.

- Mike Ihde, former vice-chairman, Guitar Department, Berklee College of Music

...the Stylus Pick is a cool idea...

- Bill Edwards, Author, FRETBOARD LOGIC

I really love the Stylus Pick! The tone and feel of the Stylus area of the pick is great!

- Orville Petty

I could not imagine being where I'm at without training with the Stylus Pick! Thanks for creating such a powerful and useful pick!

- Arnie Rodriguez

The more I use the Stylus Pick, the more I'm getting hooked on practicing my picking! Thanks for producing a great product! I recommend it for anyone who is serious about improving their picking!

- Walt Serafin

  It's easy to become a Stylus Pick Dealer. You need to be a Retail outlet, School, Music Teacher or Guitar Instructor with a website, or an e-commerce outlet.

 The minimum order is very low so you can get started right away. We believe in strong dealer support and as our dealer list grows, we'll be listing you here and in our National magazine ads. Currently, we often run ads in Guitar World and Premier Guitar Magazines and Flash Banner ads on the Guitar World and other selected websites, so now is a good time to sign up. We'll send you an invoice and if it meets with your approval, we set the terms and ship your order with 24 hours. We'd love to have you on board!

  For more information, email us and we'll fill you in.