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The Most Effective Speed-Picking Method Ever Developed.



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 There's really no need to spend years on boring scale exercises: the Stylus Pick is simply the most effective method there is for developing ultra-smooth picking speed and accuracy, for those guitarists in need of fast results! Hundreds of thousands of Stylus Picks are in use by aspiring guitarists on all levels of proficiency, all over the world!

So if you ever really wanted your money's worth from a music product, then this is the place to be. Order your Stylus Pick Kit now, and find out why the Stylus Pick method is known throughout the world as "...The Most Effective Speed Picking Method Ever Developed!"

Stylus Pick 3-Pack Stylus Pick Kit CD ROM
Now you can order individual Stylus Picks three at a time! Recommended only if you already have the Stylus Pick CD ROM. The Ultimate Stylus Pick Package! Everything you'll need to develop your picking chops like never before and Break the Speed Barrier!
$4.99 ea.

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$14.99 ea.

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