Stylus Pick

I got some Stylus Picks a few weeks ago and I love them! They really do dramatically increase picking speed.

Thanks for providing a great product.

- Joe Zacker

The Stylus Pick definately benefits any player, no matter what style.

- Rich Acocella, BA, Berklee College of Music

One Minute I couldn't, the next minute I could. This is magic!

- Alphonse Faggiolo, Producer/Musician

It's amazing how well the stylus works. I'm pretty fast to begin with but I was even faster with the Stylus Pick.

- Jack Grassel, Author, MONSTER CHOPS

The Stylus Pick proves to be a valuable tool. My only regret is that it wasn't around when I was learning how to play because it probably could have saved me a lot of time. If you feel that your picking could use some improvement (and whose can't?), try the Stylus Pick, it works!

- George Bien, Ph.D, CUNY

I have observed a marked increase in the speed and accuracy of my students who use the Stylus Pick. No matter what level a student is on, the Stylus Pick has increased their ability to execute shorter picking strokes with more control and less wasted motion.

- Mike Ihde, former vice-chairman, Guitar Department, Berklee College of Music

...the Stylus Pick is a cool idea...

- Bill Edwards, Author, FRETBOARD LOGIC

I really love the Stylus Pick! The tone and feel of the Stylus area of the pick is great!

- Orville Petty

I could not imagine being where I'm at without training with the Stylus Pick! Thanks for creating such a powerful and useful pick!

- Arnie Rodriguez

The more I use the Stylus Pick, the more I'm getting hooked on practicing my picking! Thanks for producing a great product! I recommend it for anyone who is serious about improving their picking!

- Walt Serafin

Here are some videos of Stylus Pick users. If you'd like us to feature you performing with the stylus pick, email us for details.